Lilly Peer Learning Project in Worship and Music Begins June 22

First Congregational Church has been selected to participate in a pilot project of the Church Music Institute
designed to engage and energize churches and their leaders in new forms of vital worship.
There are six facets to our participation in this pilot program.
  • June 22-23: Julie Griffitts, as our congregational representative, will join Kajsa Teitelbaum, Director of Music, and Chris Braudaway-Bauman, Senior Minister, in Dallas for a weekend summer workshop on Building Excellent Worship and Music.
  • June 24-29: Chris and Kajsa will join other pastors and musicians in the project at Brite Divinity School for a week-long course on Church Music taught by Paul Westermeyer, Emeritus Professor Church Music at Luther Seminary in Minnesota.
  • July 22-24:  Chris will travel to Princeton Theological Seminary to speak, preach, and train small group facilitators for this project and for a companion project affiliated with the Association of Reformed and Liturgical Worship.
  • Peer Learning Group:  Kajsa and Chris will meet monthly for a year in a peer learning and support group with the other two participating churches in Colorado.
  • June 2019:  Kajsa and Chris will return to Brite Divinity School for a course on Congregational Song.
  • Project:  A significant facet of our participation is our undertaking an intentional project in worship and music, for which we will receive up to $5,000 in grant funding. Ours will be focused on experiments in intergenerational worship, particularly an occasional early Saturday evening dinner church starting in the fall. More information coming soon!
Our church’s participation in this project, including all registration fees and travel costs are covered by grant funding.  Thanks be to God for this remarkable gift and the opportunity to learn and grow in new ways!