Call and Response

By: Betsy Barrett

This piece begins with my journaling, then becomes what I call “God Writing” … when I write to God and God responds.  

The sun is shining down on me. My face feels warm and I love sitting with my pen moving across the page. It has been too long since I’ve sat at my writing desk, letting the pen glide across an empty, white, unlined page. This feels good . . . like I’m home again. I’m remembering that I am your child, Lord. I listen to Your whispers in my mind. I’ll let You nudge me with my writing practices. I write for me and know You are listening. Meditation helps me relax. At this moment I feel relaxed, warm, flowing and free.

I have been writing a book for several years. I know I should get back to it. I DO WANT TO FINISH THIS BOOK. It needs to be out there since there’s no other book like it. What do you think Lord? I’m listening.

You ARE listening to me Betsy! You reflect, you contemplate, you

feel. Get those qualities in words on paper. The world needs to hear you.

You are respected and honored by others. Believe in yourself.

Speak up, honor your own wisdom, beliefs, intelligence! You are

my child created in my image. You are not exactly like me because

I am God. Just the same, remember that I AM IN YOU.          

Believe it.

Act upon that belief, truth and promise. You are my instrument      

in the world and I am counting on you.

In the same way, I am right beside you, helping you be my ambassador.

When you don’t know what to say or do, STOP. LISTEN. I will let You know what to say and do, if you listen carefully.

You may need to wait. My wisdom may not come instantly.

When that’s the case, KEEP LISTENING. If you pay attention, my wisdom will guide you.     

You know I’m always here for you, just stay tuned.

Thank you, Lord, I know You are always present and beside me. You have been there for 55 years. I can depend upon You. I’m the one who is not always present. I will slow down and listen. I will put You first and stop to hear You when I need Your wisdom. I’m so grateful for Your promise to always be present with me. I will work on being more present with You. Amen.

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