My Soul Thirsts for You

By: Larry Dansky

Psalm 63
O Love, you are my Beloved, and I long for you
My soul thirsts for you
All that is within me thirsts
As in a dry and barren land with no water.
So I have called out to You in my heart,
Sensing your power and glory.

We all know how dry it is here in Colorado. We remind ourselves regularly to drink more water, and the first thing we tell visitors, especially when they need to adjust to the altitude, is to drink, drink, drink. Dehydration not only leaves us with a dry mouth but can lead to weakness and confusion. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, and we constantly need to replenish this vital fluid. Our body needs water! And yet, even knowing how important drinking fluids is for me (especially with those darn kidney stones), I still find myself waiting to drink until I am thirsty, a sign that I’m already dehydrated.

The same is true of my connection to my Higher Power. I know that I need to be awake to the presence of God always. To use Paul’s words, to pray without ceasing. And yet, I find myself going through life’s daily challenges often unaware of my need to connect with a Higher Power. I’ll take on any issue, only stopping to awaken to a need to connect when I’m lost and confused. It’s like not recognizing the need for water until my body tells me I’m already dehydrated.

That’s why I love the words of this psalmist. My body needs water, my soul needs God. I live in a dry and barren land when I haven’t been attentive to replenishing both of these needs. So, as I was writing this, an idea came to me. I can build in reminders to replenish both the bodily need for water and the spiritual need for connection together. When I feel thirsty, I’ll drink some water, and stop to awaken to the presence of God wherever I am. When I awaken to my need to connect, I’ll thank God, and get a glass of water. Maybe, if I practice these rituals in tandem together, I’ll fill both needs more regularly.

Holy one, like the psalmist, my soul thirsts for you. Help me to awaken to my need for your guidance and to practice your presence, in all that I do, in all that I say, and in all that I am.

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