Since the migration over to our new church software, we have heard from several people that they cannot access contact information for other members in the new directory. After talking with our service provider, we learned that lack of visibility this is due to the contact information privacy settings chosen by members at registration. To remedy this, we are asking people who would like to be listed in the directory to change their visibility settings to “Everyone”. This will only give other members with Realm accounts access to your address and phone# should they desire to contact you.

To facilitate this, we have created instructions that can be found below. There will also be a tutorial and assistance available on Sunday April 14th and the 28th after church at Fellowship Hour. However, if you can do this in advance of the tutorials, we encourage you to do so by simply watching the video below, pausing on each step until it is completed. To get started, you must first login to your Realm account via the red “Member Login” button in the top right corner.  To make it easier, we suggest opening a separate window to go to the church website as you follow the steps in the video.  Thanks for your assistance.

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