I Am Who I Am

Author: John Bisceglia

God said to Moses “I am who I am”   Exodus 3:14

God’s name is not a title but a statement of fact; in our search for the divine, it comes down to the very question of existence of our self and then the “being” of the creation around us.

Descartes said “I think therefore I am” (a more literal translation would be “I question therefore I am”) so our own ability to discern our existence is what gives us our connection to God or “likeness” of God.  That takes us to the philosophical question of “who am I?” that I struggle to answer all the time.  Am I an amalgamation of my actions? (the deeds I do or the roles I play, teacher, son, accountant, artist etc.) or am I a creation of my psyche or is it a both/and sum?

Why ponder any of this?  For me it gives me a foundation or motivation to do good works, and at times to just get out of bed; it confirms my worth and connection to everything around me.

One of the laws of physics is “energy cannot be created or destroyed.”  This opens up the connectedness of all that was, is, and will be.  From the “big bang” to the collapse of the universe our energy is here.  For the seeming moment (in universe time) that I exist my energy is from the beginning and will be until the end far exceeding my present moment of consciousness.  We are already a part of, in and with all that is around us, and our journey is to realize that connection: we are not or never will be alone.

Dear I am, help us to find comfort, motivation, connection, and being, in You and in ourselves.  Amen

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