Mikah Meyer – Concert and Show

Friday, September 6 at 7 pm

Join Today Show-featured National Cathedral countertenor singer and LGBTQ Advocate, Mikah Meyer, in our Sanctuary on September 6 at 7 pm for a humorous, multimedia musical show about his nonstop, 3-year road trip to all 419 National Park Service sites. As heard on NPR, Mikah spent 3 years living in a cargo van while setting a world record as the first person to experience all of America’s NPS sites in one continuous journey. His National Parks Cabaret has been performed around the United States and takes the audience on a journey through the genesis of Mikah’s record-shattering trip, the struggles and triumphs of the road, and how Americans saved this trip by rallying behind the story of a gay Christian.


Click here to watch a mini-documentary from Upworthy about Mikah’s church visits/singing during his journey.

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