Introducing the Board of Community Life

Members of the Board of Community Life, formerly known as the Board of Parish Life, have asked themselves a question: ”How do we adapt our mission to foster community connection during this pandemic?”

And we realized that YOU are the answer. Even though our mission hasn’t changed, the way we express it has. And we would love to hear from you and work with you as we adapt to the calling of these days.

Get involved with our Church Community! 

  • Become a member of the Board of Community Life – the group that connects and provides care and fellowship to our Church Community.
  • Help deliver “Grace Gifts” to church members who may need a little thoughtfulness.
  • Join the “Meal Train” for the opportunity to provide a meal for someone who has had surgery or could use a meal to take the pressure off a challenging situation.
  • Join the “Visitation Ministry,” a group that calls, visits, and prays for church members.

If you feel the “calling” to be involved in any of these opportunities, let us know at this link:

Board of Community Life Interest Form

Thanks for considering this occasion to serve others with your time!

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