Author: Betsy Barrett


I believe God desires that we be in a state of gratitude as much as possible. Here’s what helps me: Every night before I sleep, I write down five things I’m grateful for.


Some of my gratitudes are repetitive. One is my daily gratitude for my husband Ben in my life and our daily rituals that embrace our day together. Sometimes I’m grateful for my accomplishments, big and small, like meditating that day or completing the frustrating and complicated job of copying and sending papers for our home refinancing. Some days I’m just grateful that I made it through the day.


I honestly don’t know why life seems so stressful these days! What helps me is to take a few deep breaths, turn it all over to God and trust that God is with me.


The flip side of my daily distress routine begins when I wake up each morning. I take several deep breaths, then begin my prayer which turns my day over to God. If you would like to read my morning prayer, here it is…


I give you this morning Lord, please take away any despair of yesterday. Help me to forgive the things that cause me pain and keep me bound. Help me to begin again. Please bless every person and situation I encounter today. Make me who You would have me be, that I will do what You would have me do. Thank you for this day.


A scripture comes to mind as I’m writing this…


Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you.”                                                               I Thessalonians 5:18


I don’t believe God wills our hard circumstances. I believe God wills us to be in a state of gratitude, as much as possible…especially for God in our life. Good luck in these challenging times.


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