From the Climate Action Team

Here are some details about how you can “green” your home and make the switch to clean, renewable energy.  Our church can truly state that it is powered by 100% renewable energy.  How can it do that?  First, we have a geothermal plant installed beneath our parking lot.  Second, the church buys Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from the company 3degrees  What are RECs?  They are a device by which we can support projects that provide renewable energy like wind farms, solar farms, or planting trees.

How can you “green” your home in a way similar to the church?  You probably don’t want to install a geothermal plant under your yard, but you might be able to install solar panels.  Alternatively, you can offset your home energy by buying RECs.  Sound complicated?  It doesn’t have to be.  Companies like Arcadia and terrapass will handle the details for you:

-3degrees, the company that buys RECs for the church, does not work with individual home owners.

-With Arcadia, the process is very simple.  You pay the flat rate of $5 per month to offset your entire home energy usage regardless of how high that bill is.  The RECs bought by Arcadia support wind farms located throughout the US.  You will receive a monthly bill from Arcadia that combines your Xcel and Arcadia bills in one statement.  An added bonus from Arcadia is that this coming summer your Arcadia payment will also support a community solar project in Sterling, CO.

-terrapass(  One advantage of terrapass is that you can choose to offset all of your energy costs, meaning not just your home but also your vehicle and your airplane trips.

Questions?  Contact Bill Young or call 502-744-4533).

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