Global Day of Climate Action

March 11, 2021 

Many free opportunities are available on this designated day where grassroot organizations of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds are joining together to sound the climate alarm.

Dr. Andrew Freeman will present the latest data and science behind nutrition, health, longevity and the environment on March 11th at 9:00 AM and 6:30 PM.

9:00 AM Zoom Meeting Registration:

6:30 PM Zoom Meeting Registration:

  • Regenerative Gardening will address Sacred Soil and Sequestering, and will be held on Saturday, March 13that 10:00 AM at the CUCC community garden located at 2650 Table Mesa Drive. No RSVP is needed, just show up, and bring a shovel and gardening tools.
  • Online educational webinar about Stop the Money Pipeline March 11. To register for the webinar

For more information about the issue Stop the Money Pipeline

Sacred People, Sacred Earth is sponsored by GreenFaith International and is being supported by the Boulder area GreenFaith Circle.

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