Called to Courage

Called to Courage


Author: Eric Malmborg


I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9


I think we’d all agree that these are trying times. We’ve all been tested in one way or the other during this pandemic, whether it be in dealing with uncertainty, loneliness, isolation from friends and family, the stress of raising families, the loss of work or businesses, and the loss of loved ones.


We also continue to live with increasing violence in our city, country, and the world. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Living day to day has required us to live our lives in the face of difficulty; it has required courage.


Perhaps one of our greatest challenges has been facing our own mortality and that of our loved ones. This may have led to a whirlwind of questions, concerns, and uncomfortable conversations, and the decisions required to immobilization, denial, or procrastination. Confronting the reality of death can be overwhelming.


Some years ago, within the span of less than three weeks, I was present for the death of both my father and my aunt. My father had detailed end-of-life instructions and had made his wishes known. My aunt left virtually nothing to guide me as the executor of her estate.


Resolving my aunt’s estate consumed my life for almost two years. I would have given anything for some guidance, some idea of her final wishes, some information to go on. I had no idea where to turn. Finding the courage to forge ahead was easier than finding answers.


What I needed then is now being provided by our church’s Ministry of Last Things. Created to provide resources and guidance when navigating the choices and challenges of end-of-life issues, this ministry is ready to provide information and walk with you down that road which may feel overwhelming. Please visit: if you’d like more information about this ministry and how they can support you.


May you find the strength and courage to meet the challenges of life in these times. You are not alone!

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