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Come join us to discuss books on varied topics from faith and spirituality to nature, ecology and psychology. In advance of our first meeting, please read Mudhouse Sabbath: An Invitation to a Life of Spiritual Disciple by Lauren Winner, her reflection on eleven Jewish spiritual practices and how they can transform the way Christians live. Short chapters include Sabbath, hospitality, aging, mourning, and prayer. The first meeting will be at North Boulder Park, 800 Dellwood

Boulder, CO 80304, weather permitting.  We’ll figure the rest out after that. If it’s a rainy day, we’ll meet on Zoom, so please let us know if you plan to attend. Contact Melanie Whitehead who will also send you this month’s discussion questions and the book list we’re building for future months. Hosted by Rev. Chris Braudaway-Bauman and Melanie Whitehead.


Date and Time: October 18th, and 3rd Mondays after that, 12:00-1:15 p.m.

Place: North Boulder Park, 800 Dellwood, Boulder, CO, 80304 (weather permitting, or Zoom)

Contact: Melanie Whitehead,




This group offers companionship for participants as they seek to more intentionally follow the leading of God’s Spirit in their lives.  Members will meet monthly for a year to reflect on their lives and tell personal stories, looking back over the previous month to reflect on the Spirit’s presence and calling and setting a prayerful intention for the month ahead.

After an opening reading and a time of silence, members of the group will share conversation on the following questions as they learn to deepen their discernment process: Looking back over the previous month, when did you feel closest to God or experience God’s presence? When did you sense or hear the movement or calling of the Spirit? How did you respond to or resist that calling? What is your intention for the month ahead and what prayer might the group hold for you?

If you are interested in this opportunity but are not available at this time, please let Linda know; we may be able to offer additional groups. Facilitators: Linda Kowatch, Amy Ostwald & Chris Braudaway-Bauman


Date and Time:  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm the second Wednesday of each month

Place: Zoom

Contact: Linda Kowatch, or 615-485-6126

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