We vs. I

Author: John Bisceglia


In Torah, the book of Genesis, chapter 11 verse 6, we learn that God knows that if we are of one mind, we can accomplish anything.


In the gospel of John, in the garden of Gethsemane, in the prayer that Jesus says, we learn that the world will know that we are with God by our love and commitment to each other.


We are created in a WE creation but act, and are told to act, as I people. All creation works in a harmonious state, with constant maintenance of balance, until we put our own interests above that harmony. We see it in our social, economic, environmental and interpersonal lives. When we act as an I people, all hope of peace is unattainable. I people argue about everything, and cannot compromise because of a fear of losing out. A tree does not hate the bird for nesting in it and using it as a home, the ocean does not reject the myriad of creatures in it because it is afraid of losing out on its prosperity, but in harmony it co-exists and can thrive. Why can’t we learn from the world in which we live?


I leads to indifference, factions, isolation, loneliness, selfishness, depression, prejudices, and, when fully realized, hate.  WE leads to connection, community, compromise, hope, and, when fully realized, love.


Personally, I have found the more I realize my WE, the more my fear is abated, the greater my joy is realized, and even the less my pain and loss affects me, because it is shared.


I cannot change the world but WE can and will. (That WE is in connection to everything, not merely other people.)


Prayer: Help us to know that through harmony we can accomplish anything as you have told us. Help us not act out of selfish desires. By lifting up all the world, we will be lifted up.


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