A Change Would do you Good

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Author: Nancy Wade

As musician Sheryl Crow reminded us in her 1996 song,

A change (a change would do you good)
Would do you good (a change would do you good)
I think a change (a change would do you good)
Would do you good (a change would do you good)

And a T-shirt I once saw proclaimed CHANGE IS GOOD – YOU GO FIRST!

Change can be scary and our first inclination as humans is to resist it as much as we can. But changes throughout life are inevitable and are often welcome: think of a new marriage, a new baby, a new college degree, or a new puppy.

Other life changes: not so much.

Life changes require both adjustment and planning. My husband and I both retired several years ago. Adjusting to retired life together required flexibility, adaptation and compromise and when Covid struck in 2020, we had to adjust to that change as well.

Many of my friends and contemporaries are empty nesters whose children are living independent lives; many of them are experiencing the joy of grandchildren. And yet we are all aware that we are much closer to the end of our lives than to the beginning and that is a sobering thought.

Along with growing older come changes in health, in interests, in mobility, and in living situations. Most of us whose children are grown and gone now live in houses that are bigger than we really need. We all want to make our money last as long as possible and we all want to have enough of it to travel while we are still able and to splurge on dinners with friends for as long as we can. Ideally, we will be able to maintain our current lifestyle.

I hate to admit this but as I have grown older, my ability to be flexible and open-minded has changed. I love my daily routines; changes to my schedule rattle me much more than they used to.

But I am a planner to the core. I like to know what’s coming up next. I like to daydream about moving to a smaller house with less maintenance, a house without lots of stairs and with a smaller yard. And yet the thought of a move is overwhelming. What will we do with all our stuff? (Our kids don’t want it.) Where will we move? What kind of house can we afford? Will we be able to live near our beloved church and our much-loved grandchildren? Will we decide to “age in place” in our own home or move to an independent living facility?

I serve on the Ministry of Last Things committee and we have put together a panel discussion with experts on senior living and Boulder area real estate as well as church members who have successfully navigated right-sizing and downsizing moves. This panel discussion will take place on Sunday, September 25th, beginning at 9:30 in the Standish Room. And following the church service, we will host an Open House featuring the panelists, which will allow participants time to ask questions. Lots of reference materials on topics related to transitions and moving will be provided.

I feel better just knowing that I have plenty of company as I contemplate a move sometime in the next few years. I’m looking forward to the events on the 25th and I hope to see you there!


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