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Author: Joanne O’Keefe


Perhaps it was as many as 15 years ago when I found a phrase printed in something I was reading that made a lasting impression on me. It read, “Be careful how you live,

you may be the only Bible some people will ever read.” There was no author noted but, years later, in looking for one, I found its origins in part in Ephesians 5:15: “Be very careful then, how you live – not as unwise but wise.”


I made a copy of the phrase and taped it to my mirror so that as I got ready to start each day I would be reminded of its message. The phrase also came to me in quiet moments. It made me think about how many people we interact with every day may not have ever been taught anything about God or had a Bible in their home to read. By living our own lives according to the teachings in the Bible we can be examples of Jesus’ lessons for others to follow.


Just after moving here, I began looking for a new church home. Once I attended just a few services, I saw that First Congregational Church of Boulder was an example of living the Bible within its community. Services here begin with our Ministers saying, “All are welcome here.” I remember being met by some in the congregation after my first service at FCC and how I really felt welcome here. In addition to the pastoral care our Ministers provide there are so many opportunities for community and service within our church and through outreach.

Our Soup Kitchen provides a hot meal once a month; another group passes out breakfast to the homeless in the park. Through this we are an example of loving and caring for our neighbors.


Our church cares for and teaches all ages, making memories that will never be forgotten. We have groups to support those who are grieving and those affected by mental illness. Other groups are active in social issues like gun violence, the environment, and social justice. Many groups bring our members together through common interests or by making and bringing a thoughtful gift bag to those going through illness, a loss or being shut in. All these are ways our church leads by example to others. These things are ways we love each other as we are loved.


All this only happens when we all participate, support our church and lead by example as well. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” We are blessed to be part of such an active, vibrant church. I feel blessed to be part of it in community with you.

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