Outreach Partners

Over the years, First Congregational Church has supported many organizations and projects in the Boulder community and beyond. This support has come in several forms: financial support via small grants or special church offerings, or providing a physical space for activities.

Association for Community Living – ACL is the only source of independent advocacy, education and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and communities in Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Attention Homes – Since 1966 Attention Homes has served at-risk, homeless and runaway youth, providing comprehensive shelter care and structured, community-based living while teaching youth guiding life principles. Attention Homes operates the only teen shelter in Boulder County.

Bike and Build – FCC houses over 20 young bike riders from across the U.S. while they raise funds and donate time to buliding with Habitat for Humanity groups.

Empakasi School Project – This school in Nairobi, Kenya is the only one in the area educating displaced Masai children. FCC support helps meet its basic infrastructure needs, such as electricity and water, allowing it to continue operating.

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado – This coalition is committed to protecting the integrity of both religion and democracy in our state. TIA-CO works to effect long term change in Colorado so that our state is a more just, compassionate, and inclusive place.

Neighbors in Need and One Great Hour of Sharing – These special UCC offerings support individuals and communities around the world who suffer the effects of disaster, conflict, or severe economic hardship. Projects are underway in more than 100 countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

Reading to End Racism of Boulder – RERB brings community volunteers into local schools to empower youth to take a stand against racism. 5,000 students a year participate in these literacy-based interactive programs.

Rocky Mountain Building Fund – Our church belongs to the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ. Our financial support to the Conference Building Fund helps our conference purchase their own building in order to offer conference-wide ministries and outreach in the wider Denver-area.

Seminary Students – FCC provides scholarship assistance and in-care support to members who pursue studies in the seminary. We currently support 2 students.

Spirit and Garden Encounters – SAGE integrates horticultural therapy practices into the cultivation of both people and gardens. By co-creating gardens that honor a diversity of people, we welcome and epower all to come, work, play, learn and rest in community.

St. Benedict Health and Healing Ministry – SBHHM Free Clinic operates at FCC on Soup Kitchen Sundays, providing basic health care screening, assessment, education and low level triage, and striving to connect people with a medical home where they can receive the best ongoing medical care.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers – WRV is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land. WRV organizes high-quality ecological restoration projects on Colorado public lands.

Women Work Together – This Boulder based non-profit works at the grassroots level in Guatemala to unlock the potential of Mayan girls to stay in school, direct their own futures, and become leaders in their communities.

Youth Work Camps – Work Camps give a young person a wide variety of experiences including urban, rural, service, learning and international. Each Youth will experience many ways to serve many kinds of people while doing spritual reflection and self discovery. On Work Camp, youth and adults connect faith to action while bonding in ways unlike most communities that we belong to. For More information, contact Rev. Heather Haginduff at heather@firstcong.net

YWCA – The YWCA stands for You, Women, Children, All of us.  Its mission includes protecting children, empowering women and girls and working to eliminate racism.