A Community on a
Journey of Faith

Here we take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We believe the grace and love of God extends to all people, not just those who hold one particular set of beliefs.

We are informed and guided by the covenants we have adopted as a church: Inclusive Language, Just Peace, Whole Earth, Open and Affirming (GLBTQ welcoming), Accessible to All and W.I.S.E.


We seek to minister to those in need in our own local church as well as in our community, nation, and world. During the tough times we all experience in life, we provide a shelter of hope and support. We offer solace for those who may have been hurt by previous church experience. We also seek to build bridges of understanding to other religions, and we do not assert that Christianity is the only path to God.


As a Just Peace Church we believe God calls us to work toward the well-being of all, a time of healing and wholeness where all shall dwell secure from want. Our Just Peace Covenant calls us to be active in issues of social justice, peace, and liberation, through hands-on involvement and financial support of local and global missions.

Open and Affirming

Here all people are valued as beloved sons and daughters of God. We were the first “Open and Affirming” United Church of Christ in the state of Colorado, making our position public in 1987 with the adoption of our Open and Affirming Covenant. In the United Church of Christ the words “Open and Affirming” are used to designate churches that are open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons. Here all people are encouraged to share their gifts and talents in the life and leadership of our church.


 Our Whole-Earth Covenant confirms our commitment to actively work to promote care for God’s ongoing creation and humility in our relationships to Earth and all its systems. We believe each person shares responsibility for the earth and the human condition. The relational love for all that is at the heart of Jesus’s teachings calls us to radical commitment to the community, human and non-human, of which we are a part.

Accessible to All

In recognition of our human differences and various gifts, as a church we have become an A2A – Accessible to All – congregation.  The A2A Covenant expresses our intention to extend God’s extravagant welcome to all persons, seeking to understand, include, and empower people with all differing abilities and disabilities, apparent or unapparent.


We are a Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive and Engaged congregation for mental health. Sometimes individuals with mental health challenges such as brain disorders, mental illnesses, addictions and trauma feel cut off from God and do not feel included. It is our calling to communicate to all individuals that God loves all of us equally, even when we do not feel the love of the Holy Spirit in our lives. People with mental health challenges have gifts to be offered in our faith community, and we want everyone to feel fully welcomed, included, supported and engaged in the life, work and leadership of our church.