To enable our youth to be the best versions of themselves; to engage 6th to 12th grade youth in faith formation, fellowship and life guidance. To build healthy and deep relationships with others, self, and God.

With God as our rock, we can doubt, affirm, struggle, and celebrate with one another in our wild faith adventure together.

The Rock Youth Ministry

Middle School (The Rock Pile) Christian education teaches the stories of Jesus, his life, and his times. We work with middle school youth to internalize Jesus’ teachings, focusing on those of love and inclusion of all people.

High School (The Climb) teens apply the Christian stories and values as guides to well-rounded living. By graduation, we hope that youth know themselves as spiritual beings and develop a personal faith and relationship with God.


Confirmation has a unique role in the UCC as compared to other traditions, because we don’t have requirements that youth be baptized before making the decision to confirm (though we certainly invite them to be!). In Questformation (our name for Confirmation) we’ll see what it’s like to face life’s challenges with the strength of faith and community at First Cong. Being Christian need not be about following rules telling us how to be ‘good.’ Instead, it’s about how to live rooted in God’s love and guidance. Perhaps the most valuable thing youth come away with is incredible friendships. We will play, laugh, grow, and explore together, and make some great memories.In our unique curriculum Questers learn about what it means to be a member of our church, the Christian faith, and the United Church of Christ. They get to experience other religious traditions, build their faith toolbox, and learn that we’re all on a faith journey – whether we know it or not!

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La Foret & Retreats

Ask almost anyone who has ever attended a Retreat or Camp at La Foret, and you will hear how much the experience impacted their lives. For the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ, La Foret is the premier location for events and camps designed to refresh and renew us on our faith journeys. Whenever possible, we encourage our youth to participate in their offerings. It is a great place to build memories, grow relationships, and cultivate spiritual depth.

Work Camp

Every June the high schoolers learn to serve God’s people in diverse walks of life through this week-long service immersion. We aim to enrich peoples’ lives through service, friendship, and sharing unconditional love in the world. We don’t go to “fix” other people or convert them to our belief systems. Instead, we are the hands, feet, and voices of Jesus’ message of equality and love. On work camp, youth connect faith to action within a close-knit community. By working, playing and worshiping together teenagers are bonded in ways unlike most communities that they belong to and can experience Christ’s presence in their midst.

This year we will go to Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas to learn about ecological sustainability, global economics, and raw resources. They will drop us into a different world where we will experience the core components of Heifer International–service learning, educational activities and activism. We’ll do a variety of experiential activities such as team development, educational sessions, overnight Global Village experience and hands-on service projects at the ranch. All are designed to increase our understanding of how Heifer creates lasting change in the areas of global hunger and poverty.

Need More Info?

For more information about the Confirmation and High School programs, please contact Eli McCutchen, Director of Youth Ministries, at 303-442-1787 ext 106.

Middle & High School

  • 8:30 service – Youth are welcome to attend worship with their parents.
  • 10:30 service – Youth go directly to their classrooms in the FAITH Center at 10:30.
  • Summer – Youth are welcome to attend worship with their parents.