Christian faith is a journey from birth through death to life eternal.

Every season of life, and indeed every moment, is lived in the presence of God. We honor these moments with the opportunity to be led and inspired by our sacraments and special services.

Through the sacrament of baptism, we are blessed by living water, joined to Christ’s journey, and welcomed into the faith and family of the Church universal. Christians are baptized only once, but there is no bad time to celebrate the gift of God’s grace in our lives. We baptize babies, children, youth, and adults in the midst of worship so that the whole congregation is present to make promises to nurture and support the newly baptized. Email Chris Braudaway-Bauman,, for more information.

We celebrate the sacrament of communion on the first Sunday of every month and at every Dinner Church worship. We rejoice in an open table where no one is turned away. All are welcome to receive the bread and cup as we remember the meal Jesus shared with his disciples. Our Communion elements are gluten and alcohol-free.

Our 8th graders undertake an intentional spiritual quest in the company of peers and adult guides. As they explore questions of meaning, they are invited to claim faith for themselves. The year culminates in a service of worship where the congregation renews our covenant to our youth on their ongoing journey.

You can choose to observe from the sidelines, but we invite you to jump in and join us so that you can more fully enter into the depths of our communal life and the adventure of ministry we seek to live out in the world. Contact Julie Griffitts,, to learn more.

Our historic sanctuary, our contemporary chapel, and our clergy are available to assist couples in making the vows of marriage. In keeping with our commitment to a love that honors all, we welcome couples who are straight, gay, interfaith, non-believers, marrying for the first time or another time around. Visit our wedding page and contact Garry Garcia,, for more information. 

When a loved one dies, we gather together in the shelter of God’s healing love to mark the transition with words of thanksgiving, with prayer and music, and with God’s promises of everlasting love and eternal life. In times of grief, we are honored to minister to you. Contact Chris Braudaway-Bauman,, for more information.