A sense of wonder and curiosity about the mystery of God and the meaning of human life imbues every part of our life together. At The First Congregational Church of Boulder we have lots of opportunities for middle and high school students to engage in deep discussions about life and faith as well as plenty of chances for youth to simply gather, enjoy the company of their peers in a safe space, and have tons of fun together!

Read about each of our different programs in the tabs. If you have any questions about our youth program feel free to contact our Associate Minister, Linda Kowatch.

Our Sunday School Class for middle and high school students meets every week at 10:30am during our 10:30 church service. Our gatherings start off by meeting on the Plaza (or in the link if weather demands) while we give students time to gather. Our Sunday School program includes a variety of different activities including time for games, trips to coffee shops on Pearl Street, and meaningful discussions surrounding life, faith, and scripture.

Our Sunday School class will not meet over the summer and will meet for the last time on Sunday May29th

Our middle school students meet every Wednesday from 7pm-8:30.

Our youth group is a welcoming and affirming setting for students to come and enjoy a free dessert, lots of fun games, and meaningful discussion times.

The goal of our middle school youth group is to create a fun, safe, and empowering setting for students to explore their identities, their faith, and deep questions about the world. We are happy to welcome any and all middle school students to our group no matter their circumstances, and we strive to leave each week having provided an overwhelmingly positive, enjoyable, and encouraging experience for every student.

Check out our calendar of events below to see everything that we have coming up for our middle school students between now and the end of the year and be sure to join us!


Middle School, March 2023

Our 8th graders gather for a special eight-month quest or faith journey to explore what it means to be a Christian and a member of a church community. Questformation begins and ends with an overnight retreat, meets once a month for a few hours dedicated to fun and growth, and is led by our Associate Minister, Rev. Linda Kowatch and our Director of Christian Education, Rev. Deborah Voss.

Each gathering provides time for the group to explore and process specific topics (i.e. The Trinity, Covenants, Race and Privilege), as well as time for our group to dive into fun and exciting activities to help us build relationships.

If you or your 8th grade student is interested in this program please contact Deborah to hear more about plans for our 2022-2023 Questformation retreats.

Questformation Retreat Schedule

Every year our high school youth engage in a weeklong service project. Preparing for our mission trip is a highlight of the church year.  In 2019, 22 high school youth and 6 adults traveled to Puerto Rico to help a small community rebuild after Hurricane Maria. The prior year, youth spent a week at the Heifer Project Farm in Arkansas, working with animals and learning about how this organization supports poor families around the world to earn a living.

In 2022 we will be taking a group of up to 15 high school students to the island of Grand Bahama to help clean and repair some of the damage done by Hurricane Dorian in 2019. This storm was the worst to have struck The Bahamas in recorded history and it stalled over the west end of the island for 9 hours. The aide they have received has been severely hindered by Covid, so our group will be headed out in June to do what we can as part of the much needed relief effort.

Check out our info packet below for more on our upcoming mission trip and get your student registered at this link: https://onrealm.org/firstcong/PublicRegistrations/Event?linkString=OWY1YzNiZDAtODEzNy00ZjZhLWJjYTQtYWQ4ODAxMDQ2NDVi

Mission info packet

Our high school youth group meets every Sunday from 7pm-8:30.

This is a great opportunity for all high school students to simply enjoy being together as we build relationships, dive into deep questions about life and faith, have lots of fun together, and enjoy free dinner!

Our youth group is welcoming and affirming setting where all students can belong and find encouragement and rest. Our goal is to offer high school students an opportunity each week to feel refreshed, energized, and safe to share and explore their own identities and convictions.

All high school students are welcome regardless of their circumstances so check out our calendar of events below and be sure to come and join us!


High School Youth Group, March 2023

Special Services and Programs

Under the director of Julia Wirth, our Director of Children’s Music, the Faith Singers are a choir of our Middle and High School Youth.  They gather on Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom in a group that is open to both kids and students.