Our Dream
To Grow in Faith Together Our Whole Life Long

God is present, active, and alive in the world as the life-giving and life-transforming power of love. Love is at the center of all we do and are. Our deepest desire is for all people to know that they are God’s beloved. Each person belongs to God, and is precious, treasured, and loved.

We believe each one of us made in the image of God and is endowed with unique gifts to be discovered, developed, and used for common good. Immersed in God’s love and blessing, we open ourselves to listen for the leading of the Spirit who invites each one of us and all of us together as a church

  • to live out God’s love as a lifelong journey of faith,
  • to grow in faith through worship, learning, service, advocacy, giving, and prayer,
  • to put our hearts and our minds, our voices, hands, and feet to work for the wellbeing of all creation.

To read the full Faith Formation Blueprint, click here.

Our Sunday School Class for middle and high school students meets every week at 10:30am during our 10:30 church service. Our gatherings start in the Grace Gallery on the lower level of the Faith Center (to the left of the stairs/elevator, second door on the left) with donuts, hot chocolate or tea, and check-in. Our Sunday School program includes a variety of different activities including time for games and meaningful discussions surrounding life, faith, and scripture.

Our 8th graders gather for a special eight-month quest or faith journey to explore what it means to be a Christian and a member of a church community. Questformation begins and ends with an overnight retreat, meets once a month for a few hours dedicated to fun and growth, and is led by our Minister of Faith Formation, Lianna Campos.

Each gathering provides time for the group to explore and process specific topics (i.e. The Trinity, Covenants, Race and Privilege), as well as time for our group to dive into fun and exciting activities to help us build relationships.

If you or your 8th grade student is interested in this program, please contact Lianna to hear more about plans for our 2024-2025 Questformation retreats.

Every year our high school youth engage in a weeklong service project. Preparing for our mission trip is a highlight of the church year. In 2019, 22 high school youth and 6 adults traveled to Puerto Rico to help a small community rebuild after Hurricane Maria. The prior year, youth spent a week at the Heifer Project Farm in Arkansas, working with animals and learning about how this organization supports poor families around the world to earn a living. This year, 2024, from May 28 to 31, our high school youth will be traveling on a pilgrimage to Montgomery, Alabama to visit The Legacy Museum (insert link) and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice (insert link) as we learn more about the work of the Equal Justice Initiative. For more information contact Sam Bauman.

Our youth group meets every Sunday from 5 – 6:30 PM.

This is a great opportunity for all youth to simply enjoy being together as we build relationships, dive into deep questions about life and faith, and have lots of fun together!

Our youth group is welcoming and affirming setting where all students can belong and find encouragement and rest. Our goal is to offer middle and high school youth an opportunity each week to feel refreshed, energized, and safe to share and explore their own identities and to create a community of belonging.

Special Services and Programs

Under the director of Anne Martinez, our Director of Children’s Music, the Faith Singers are a choir of our Middle and High School Youth. They gather on Sundays following worship at 11:45 in the Chapel. We welcome newcomers!