As a church in the Congregationalist tradition, we take communal discernment seriously. Drawing on the wisdom of our forebears and our own faithful experience, we believe we are more able to apprehend the movement and guidance of God’s Spirit when we come together face to face and listen to each other. We believe that meetings matter. So, we have a lot of them!

In collaboration with our devoted Ministers and Staff, our church is led by members who have been called to on serve on five Boards:  Spiritual Life, Christian Education, Missions and Christian Social Action, Community Life, and Management.

A variety of Committees (Stewardship, Membership, Personnel, Nominating, Endowment, and Investment) and Ministries (McMane Arts, MacKenzie Lectureship, Mental  Health/Accessible to All, and Last Things) add their voices to the church’s life.

The Chairs of all these groups come together with the Moderators, Treasurer, and Clerk to form the Church Council. We treasure our tradition of Congregational Meetings where we take time at least twice annually to celebrate our ministries and make bigger plans and decisions.


Behavioral Covenant

Strategic Plan