Recruitment for Teachers and Mentors

Our Faith Formation Begins!

We are looking for people who care about our children and youth, and would like to engage with them as they explore their faith AND living their faith out in the world! The commitment is the 2nd & 3rd Sundays each month (18 days per year).

This year our Elementary and Middle School kids will be studying “Care for Creation” including climate change and ecological impacts, curriculum and planning materials are supplied for you. 

Our High School will be studying “Issues at the Border” this year, in preparation for their Mission Trip next June.

We also need Preschool and Kindergarten teachers who are willing to show God’s love to our Pre/K children. Thematically based, the Pre/K curriculum moves with the cycle of the year, introducing God and Jesus and friendship and love.

No experience is needed other than a love for children and youth, as well as a commitment to help them develop into faith-filled young people. Everything you need is prepared and set out for you each Sunday, and you can have as much or as little input as your life circumstances and personal preferences allow.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact Deborah Voss.

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