First Congregational Church of Boulder

Boards Committees and Ministries


The 2019 Annual Report, available at, provides summaries of the activities of each of the boards and committees, and current membership.  The Nominating Committee will submit a slate of names to the congregation for consideration at the congregational meeting on February 28.  Most terms are three years.


Church Council:  Composed of Church officers (Moderators, Clerk, Treasurer) and chairs of Boards.

Board of Spiritual Life:  Assists the ministers in the spiritual care of the church—worship services and music, preparing and serving communion, providing ushers, Dinner Church, and supporting seminary interns.

Board of Management: Responsible for the business affairs of the church, including physical facilities, leases, financial transactions and procedures, safety.

Board of Christian Education: Works with staff to provide meaningful education opportunities for children, youth and adults, including Sunday School, youth programs, Arts Camp, youth mission trips, and special events such as intergenerational camping trips.

Board of Community Life: Provides services of care to members of the congregation, including the all-church picnic, fellowship hours, meal trains and transportation support, and personal contact and support as needed.

Board of Missions and Christian Social Action:  Works with members of the congregation, and outside groups to put faith into action in addressing social justice issues through informational efforts, food drives, the Soup Kitchen, Alternative Gift market, and grants to mission partners.



Endowment: Encourages gifts to Endowment funds and provides educational opportunities

Facilities: Provides technical expertise to Board of Management

Finance: Provides financial expertise to Board of Management

Investment: Manages Endowment funds for safety, social responsibility and growth.

Membership: Invites, welcomes, and supports new members.

Stewardship: Plans and implements annual effort to fund the operations of the church

Personnel: Establishes procedures and supports recruitment, hiring, evaluation of staff

MacKenzie Lectureship: Organizes and presents an annual lecture and workshop

Safety: Provides planning and implementation of safety procedures for church events



McMane Arts Ministry: Encourages spirituality through art, with exhibits, events, and in worship

Climate Action Team: Seeks to raise awareness about the climate crisis, and advocate for change

Mental Health/A2A: Offers educational programs and support in mental health and accessibility

Ministry of Last Things: Facilitates discussion and planning around approaches to death and dying

Visitation: Provides care for those who are sick or shut in

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