Realm Directory Photo Update

Realm Directory Photo Update

As we draw closer to our goal of beginning the new program year with an up-to-date printable PDF member directory, we still need your help. If you still need an updated photo, here are some options:

  • Update it yourself – If you need guidance doing this, here is an instructional video.
  • Zoom Photo Shoot – We will schedule a time for people to log on to Zoom and we can take a photo of a single individual.
  • Church Photo – You can take a cell phone photo the next time you’re at church
  • Send us a photo –  You can send a photo to and we will update it for you.
  • Keep your old photo – This is the default option
  • Placeholder photo – the church logo or some other will serve as a placeholder until we receive an updated photo.

An up-to-date directory is a great community building tool as we get to know and serve one another. We look forward to creating this directory with you all. The deadline for your update will be Friday July 23rd. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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