God is Here to Help me and you

Author: Betsy Turner Barrett
As I face this blank page, trying to begin this devotional, I realize that my challenge to address this blank page feels familiar. Why does this feel familiar? Ahhh, I think I know . . . I’ve felt this way before. I need to create something I am not familiar with. I am not sure I am ready to do this. Am I able to do this? What should I do? My questions for myself seem familiar. I know why . . . I have felt this before!! I have felt these feelings many times in the past two years. I’ve been creating and recreating a different life for myself over two years. In that process, I have asked myself those two questions and more.
Perhaps you feel the same. This hasn’t been an easy few years with COVID. Our worlds have been turned upside down in many ways. I have – and maybe you have – often felt impatient, frustrated, discouraged and confused during this time. I would like to ask you how you have reacted to these challenges and what has helped you but that is not my goal in this writing. I see my goal as trying to help you. That’s a big responsibility. I’m glad that I am not your minister. Did you know that I majored in Christian Education? Whoops . . . I digress . . . sorry.
I will tell you what I tell myself when I feel overwhelmed . . . God is still here, God is still listening . . . turn it ALL over to God, then LISTEN and WAIT. Open your eyes to the beauty you see around . . . in nature, in music, in the eyes of those you love most. Hold those dear ones close, open yourself to them and give them as much love as you can.
When I focus on the beauty and love around me, I feel peace. When I remind myself how close God is to me, I feel peace. What helps me is to thank God every day for everything I am grateful for. God hears me, God hears you. When you believe that, it will feel real to you.


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