An Invitation from Patty Limerick

From 5:30 to 7 pm on Friday, April 1, in Room 225 in the Koelbel Business Building, the Center of the American West will host a freewheeling—and very civil!—forum in which MacKenzie Lecturer Jenny Price will talk with Boulder-area environmental activists. Jenny Price will start the gathering off with a lively summary of her book, Stop Saving the Planet! An Environmentalist Manifesto, a book that could qualify as “tough love” in its critique of traditional practices and customs of asking Americans to pay attention to climate change. Co-moderated by Center of the American West Faculty Director Patty Limerick and her Student Veteran Protégé, Matthew Rivera (who served for thirteen years in the Marine Corps, with three deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan), the discussion will explore Jenny Price’s two most compelling questions:  “Why aren’t we making more progress on environmental crises?” and “Why do so many Americans distrust environmentalists?”


An Invitation from Patty Limerick


Reappearing in Person,

after Months of Slinking Around Zoom,

The Faculty Director of the Center of the American West

Requests the Pleasure—as Well as the Illumination and the Impact–

of Your Actual Material Company

At 5:30 p.m.

Friday, April 1, 2022

225 Koelbel Business Building


As a recipient of this invitation,

you have claimed a place in my mind as a notable figure

in a wondrous collection of persistent and principled environmental activists,

some of whom I already know and some of whom I am eager to meet.


In moderating the discussion, I will be joined by my protégé and co-host,

CU Student Matthew Rivera,

USMC Veteran of the Global War on Terrorism

(2003-2016: 3X—Operation Iraqi Freedom; 1X Operating Enduring Freedom), and currently U.S. Forest Service Intern in Indigenous Research and Mapping.

Guided by his aspirations to deal with climate change,

Matthew is pursuing a degree in Geography (Environment and Society).


Matthew and I ask you to take part in an hour or so of pondering and answering

Two Urgent Questions:

“Why Aren’t We Making More Progress on Environmental Crises?”

“Why Do So Many Americans Distrust Environmentalists?”


On April 1, please join the Center of the American West for an energized and (if all goes as we hope) consequential discussion with our visitor, Jenny Price,

author of Stop Trying to Save the Planet:  An Environmentalist Manifesto (2021)


Jenny Price’s well-put self-characterization:

“I try to be reasonable, if not entirely polite.”

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