Boards and Committees are established in our constitution and members are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting in March.  The chairs of those Boards and Committees make up the Church Council which is the executive governing body of the church. Work is underway to identify potential new Board and Committee members for consideration by the Nominating Committee at the beginning of February.

Ministries are formed around a particular issue at the initiative of members and are open to all.  Currently we have ministries focusing on racial justice, climate change, gun violence prevention, knitting, mental health, arts, end of life issues, and more.  Ministries are generally connected to one of the Boards.

Music is a special gift to and from our church community.  There are two youth choirs, a bell choir, and the adult choir.  Lift your voice (or instrument); all are welcome.

Small groups provide an opportunity to explore new ideas and build community.  Every spring and fall a catalog is provided describing ongoing groups (Men’s Breakfast, women’s spirituality group, movie groups, poetry, tai chi, book groups, memoir writing, etc.).  This catalog also provides information on the ministries.  If there is not something in this catalog that interests you, then start another group! Click here for the Spring 2024 Catalog.

Other Opportunities include putting technology skills to work (computer, AV, etc.), event planning, office help, flowers, toddler room, visitation



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