Death is a part of life.  And dying in our times involves complex choices and pathways.  Many of us are eager to learn more, plan more, speak our minds, and give and receive the remarkable gifts that this last chapter of life brings.  And we would like to help others and ourselves have a graceful ending. Recognizing that the church community can be a rich source of support for people as they make this journey, the Ministry of Last Things seeks to put God’s love into action by supporting individuals and loved ones in articulating our choices and embracing the mystery as we all consider the final stages of our lives. Learn more here. Contact Jean Abbott,

Ministry of Last Things Resource Toolkit

Click on each of the following to get to the document:

  1. Introduction to Ministry of Last Things
  2. Overview of Planning for a Graceful Ending
  3. First Congregational Church: Thoughtful Endings Planning Document, 2019
  4. Conversation Project Starter Kit (short version)
  5. Conversation Project What Matters to Me? 2020: Worksheet for Serious Illness and Conversation Guide
  6. Your Right to Make Healthcare Decisions (Colorado Hospital Association) blue/green book
  7. ABA Proxy Tool: Who Should I Choose As a Spokesperson (Agent)? (from the American Bar Association)
  8. ABA Proxy Guide: How to Be a Proxy – What should I know?
  9. Questions and Answers for Doctors (modified from Alzheimer’s pamphlet)
  10. Conversation Project: Conversation Starter Kit for Families and Loved Ones of People with Alzheimer’s Disease or Other Forms of Dementia
  11. Videos about End of Life and Discussion Triggers